A4 pink candies art clutch and messenger
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A4 pink candies art clutch and messenger

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Artistic clutch double face and messenger bag,exclusive designed by Nanouyia Carouzou.

You can hold it as a clutch but also as across the body bag. 

You can use it for your tablet and also as a4 pocket.

Made by 100% leather and high quality digital print textile. 

It has two sides so it gives the option to match it with everything.

For example from the textile side with all your one color clothing  and if you wear floral or multicolor outfit you just turn it to the leather part and you have a wonderful clutch to go on all season.

Made with love and care, 100 % handcrafted in Greece for unique girls  who wants to have, nothing less than the best.

Size aprox H 23cm, L 32cm and sides aprox 2cm. Strap 120cm adjustable



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